Calling All Bloglers: Audio Montage

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Blogle readers,

The Auburn Football Podcast has become hugely successful in the nearly two years since WarBlogle and I started it and it has consistently outperformed its Alabama counterpart over at

However, a recent development has the given the Bama podcast a pretty significant leg up. A fan and listener to that podcast has started creating some pretty awesome audio montages to open the show with each week (you can hear the latest one here: LINK).

I’d love to have the same for our Auburn Podcast but the problem is I have neither the time nor the resources to something that would make our listeners’ spines tingle the way a good montage should.

I’m putting out an open call to anyone who has the time or inclination to put together a cool audio montage in the future. Send them to me at and I’ll guarantee you a spot to open an episode of the Auburn Football Podcast plus plenty of love on the show. (Please no profanity)

Don’t let the Alabama folks one-up you. Let’s see what you’ve got.