Bye Week Changes

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Hey folks! Really hoping to get some useful feedback on this thread.

So I was thinking about the bye week and what Auburn will use it for. One, it’ll be nice to get all the banged up players rest. A second thing will be giving the guys a mental break from worrying about winning/losing to focus on getting better. My question is whether we might work on expanding the offense a little more for Sean White.

Naysayers will complain that we might as well have kept Johnson in if we are going to just run the ball, but I wonder if the reason we haven’t seen the offense tailored too much to Sean is because he had to come in unexpectedly and it was easier to just parse down what he was familiar with than work on expanding the playbook to suit his talent without a bye week.

I am getting tired of hearing people claim we cannot be successful without a running QB. Chris Todd set Auburn records in Gus’ offense and he wasn’t exactly outrunning dudes. We just need the QB to keep enough of the time to keep them guessing. To return to my question, I was wondering if anyone thinks Gus might take the bye week to work on dusting off some of the offense from the Chris Todd era to use for the rest of the season? I wish I could find a good highlight video showing how the Chris Todd offense was different than what we’ve been seeing with Nick the past few years. Maybe it isn’t and Marshall was just so dynamic at running that they seemed different.

War Eagle!