Biggest takeaways from Clemson

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The biggest takeaway from Clemson is the offensive line. I know they had a great d-line but AU o-line had some breakdowns against Georgia Southern as well. I think this line can be good but it might take 3-4 games. Which throws Missouri in the air. Clemson has a good offense, so AU defense holding them to just 14 points is great. The AU d-line played lights out and I think will get better and better as the season progresses. I do think this is Chip’s offense but a watered down version. We are doing more slide protections and zone blocking. We have never done that under Gus. I think Chip will open the playbook up more and more as the season moves forward. I hate that we ruined a great chance to knock off a great team but it is what it is. Nothing they can do about it now but get better and move forward. Forever and always WAR EAGLE!!!!