Auburn vs Washington, an analysis from an Auburn student

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Well, it is just about time of the year again. It is time for some Auburn football and my first season as a student at Auburn. I have always studied the game of football, as a hobby, and as a passion. So with that said I thought this year instead of just writing about some things I have been seeing, I would write about my analysis, recap, and predictions for upcoming games. Everybody does them but I would like to become an active member in the world of writing about Auburn. With that said lets start with my analysis.


Alright, lets start with the side of the ball that Auburn fans have the most concerns with. Auburn’s offense this year could be one the most explosive offenses it has had in past years. Jarrett Stidham is returning and from what everybody is saying is that he has improved in all aspects of his game. This is tremendous because having a QB that understands the offense, understand his receivers, and can play with a high football IQ is a dangerous thing. He will make everybody better and make the good players look great. He will have a group of experienced receivers in Slayton, Davis, and Myers ( who could have a breakout season this year) and backed up by an extremely talented group of freshman receivers. On the other hand Washington will be a true test to how much the receivers have improved because Washington possibly has the best DBs in the country. Moving on to the offensive line, now I do not believe I am the only one but I have always loved J.B Grime’s character, he is old fashioned and teaches the hardest part of being on the offensive line, technique. That has been what Auburn has needed, not talent, our lines have needed a teacher and Herb Hand was not that. With that said I do believe the line will be better then what some people believe but it will take a little time, as all new lines need. Kaleb Kim is being frowned upon like he cannot do it and while I do not believe he is a mountain mover, he is smart and will be serviceable. Finally the position Auburn is usually known for, the running backs,  Kam Martin and Boobee Whitlow will be a 1 2 punch that Auburn will rotate effectively, and do not be surprised if Asa Martin and Shaun Shivers have some touches too. While not experienced, they are loaded with talent and will explode sometime during the season.


This match up is the one that I believe is where Auburn has a big advantage. Auburn’s defensive line is a monster, full experience along the defensive line with Nick Coe now playing the buck position (which I absolutely love). Washington has a talented offensive line but I do not believe it is anywhere near Auburn’s defensive line. This is where I believe the game will be won, in the trenches. Auburn is also basically replacing most of everything that is not its front 7, and I believe that is fine. The new kids on the block will be great and as we all know, secondary gets a lot better when the opposing QB is being pressured just about every down. The newcomers that have look great to me so far are Christian Tutt and Smoke Monday, their speed and willingness to hit is what I love in a secondary. I believe that a bunch of inexperienced receivers will allow a young secondary to learn and be effective behind a monster D line. Also here is another short tid bit, Browning to me is a good but overrated QB, he great for Peterson’s system but he is either an amazing QB or a train wreck. Gaskin is an amazing back but how many times have people said that to Auburn’s D and we stuff them, I believe the same happens in Atlanta.

Finally to close this off I think that the game will mostly be a  defensive close game, but if one team blows the other out I believe Auburn would be the one to blow Washington out. I have Auburn pulling away in the late 3rd to 4th quarter from having more pure talent and having more depth on defense. Give me Auburn.

Auburn 24  Washington 13