Auburn vs Southern Miss, an analysis from an Auburn student

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Homecoming is here, and today may have been one of the most annoying days as an Auburn student. Every 5 seconds somebody is asking you to vote for their friend. I thought putting in earbuds would keep them away. It did not, they tap on your shoulder and even at one point tried to take my earbuds out. Dealing with this while also thinking about Auburn’s football team is hectic, but let us get into Auburn during homecoming.

Usually the homecoming team is a team that nobody should worry about, just show up and watch an ole fashion butt whoopin. Unfortunately though, Auburn may be facing one of the toughest homecoming teams in the SEC. Southern Miss has the stats to prove it, I will stop there and say that it has been against lesser teams. They are a well disciplined football team that somewhat scares me because every time Auburn plays a really good lesser team we end up starting slow and struggling.  I really hope this is not the case for this game as it has been in my prayers that Auburn turns this offensive mess around. The rest of this post will be about various subjects outside of this game so I will go ahead and give my prediction. Auburn wins 34-13, they might struggle at first but I believe the offense take a step forward this game and let’s the juggernaut D win the game.

Ok, so this is something that I noticed while in the student section, then proceeded to see twitter blow up over it. THE DAGGUM STUDENT SECTION WAS HALF EMPTY AT LIKE HALFTIME. No, this cannot happen at an SEC game, I do not like to see it against cupcakes till at least the fourth quarter, but halftime really. I was in the student section with my friends till the end of the game and I expect the same from my fellow students. One thing I have learned through my first semester here is that the student section and the band are the heart and soul of the atmosphere at the games. Leaving at halftime is down right embarrassing and is not acceptable. Point blank.

Lastly, I want to talk to ya’ll about the offense. I know I know, it is a touchy subject right now but here is what I am seeing. For one, the excuse I absolutely hate that is still lingering around is ” This is Malzahn’s offense, he is doing it again.” Ok, so this is not Malzahn’s offense, it has similarities but the schemes are different and the play calling is different and I truly believe he is letting Chip try to figure it out. I also believe that it isn’t one coach, one position group, one anythings fault. It has kind of been a mixture of a lot of things going wrong. The O lines problem isn’t lack of strength, they have that, they just do not gel together very well. That has to change and it better change soon because we are coming on almost the halfway point. Also when they get downfield it just seems like they miss almost all of their blocks which comes back around to communication because it seems they expect somebody else to be executing the block. As for the RB’s, they also seem to miss a lot of clear holes where they could of gotten 6-7+ yards and end up running into the back of somebody and getting 3. They need to fix these little errors and get back on track.

I would mention that I have decided that I am not as high as most people when it comes to going all in for Kelly Bryant and I do not think Auburn will be either. I hope ya’ll have a great day and War Eagle!