Auburn vs Miss St, an analysis from an Auburn student

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This weeks preview of the game and the thoughts from me are going to be a little late this week. It has really been a long week and I decided to go home this weekend. None the less here I am, 3 and a half hours before the game to give you something to pass the anxious hours while Bama does not cover and the Red River Rivalry comes down to the wire. Before I get into my opinion of this game I would like to talk about my feelings on Miss St. I probably have a closer relationship to Miss St then the average Auburn fan. My cousin played for Miss St and graduated from there so every year the game always feels like a game I want Auburn to win more then some other games. It is a love hate relationship for me because part of me wants Miss st to succeed but then also with their involvement in the Cam thing and my hate for the cowbells I want them to lose. But let us get to some football.


So I am going to start this off with the ugly, Auburn’s offense has been nothing short of disappointing so far this year. While I am one of the few fans who have not given up hope on them. I do however think if this offense wants to be effective they will have to change. The literal definition of insanity is ” doing something over and over again but expecting different results.” They have tried to do like last year, but you know it is just not working. My two options that I see go like this. One, they could play more packages with Tucker Brown to bring in an extra lineman. Two, they do less drop back and quicker schemes, more Ryan Davis screens, more Schwartz misdirection, more getting the running back and chandler cox in the pass game. I say all this because Miss St has a very good defensive line, the rest of their defense I question. Their secondary comes up to much, they are aggressive and Auburn will have to take advantage of that.


I am not going to spend as much time on this one because it is very similar to the other way around except for one thing. Our defense is better, a lot better. Miss St’s offense has been very dis-functional just like Auburn’s has been. Their O-line lacks communication and their threats just have not performed when challenged. Honestly, if I was Miss St I would let Nick Fitzgerald run the ball whenever he wants too. Joe Moorhead¬† has obviously not let Nick run the ball as much as he used to and it is crazy. I just honestly cannot see Miss St scoring more then 10 points. This will most likely come back to bite me on the behind but I can take it.

My fantasy is for Auburn to come out with a new attitude and finding their groove on offense and just blowing Miss St out of the water like the past couple years. The more likely option for the game is it will be a blood bath between two talented defenses with Auburn’s better defense and special teams making plays when they need to be made. Auburn will score through field advantage that the defense gives them. Give me Auburn 20-10. War Eagle!