Auburn vs LSU, an analysis from an Auburn student

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Welcome everybody to my second take at an Auburn analysis from the perspective of a student. This one probably will not be as long as the Washington preview because I have been doing some school work. I will do my best to give you a late night/early morning prediction. Before we start I just want to point out that my analysis and prediction for the Washington game was nearly spot on, I only missed by 3 points. Let us see how I can do this week.


So lets start with the Auburn offense who while looked a lot better against ASU,  still played ASU. It is very hard to really take anything away from this game except for Auburn will have freshman play a lot this year.  The obvious two were Anthony Schwartz and Shaun ” Worm” Shivers, these two have blazing fast speed. The thing that really caught my eye about Anthony is that he is a football player that can run and not just a runner that can play football. As for Shivers, he looks like he is shot out of a cannonball and when he hits people he runs them over. You do not see that often from a 5’6-5’7 guy. Let us not get off track though, LSU’s defense is elite, a stout D line followed by future 1st round draft picks Greedy Williams and Devin White. I can really see this D giving Auburn’s O some fits especially is they go out there playing mediocre football. The O line will have to have a better game this game then the one against Washington.  Finally I believe Auburn will have to establish the run, but they might have to open the run by passing. I am not sure they can do it the other way around  right now.


Ok, I am going to get this out of the way  * clears throat*. LSU’s offense is abysmal, it is like when you are trying to start your car but it stutters as it goes. That may be a terrible comparison but I am tired, give me a break. I truly believe that Auburn’s D will dominate this offense and it will be the reason ( spoiler alert) that Auburn wins this game. I just am not impressed with anything LSU could throw at Auburn. Joe Burrow’s talent so far has been pretty sub par, completing only an average of 47% of his throws and 13% WHILE UNDER PRESSURE, he will be under pressure tomorrow. Nick Brossette has got the LSU fans ooing and awing over him but yet again I am not impressed. He is averaging 131 yards per game but literally more than half his yards are from two playing, take those out and he average 3.3 a rush. Finally their O line is just not gelling yet, kinda like Auburn but ours has looked better. They allowed four sacks against SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA, Auburn’s line is gonna have a fun time against them.

Finally, I will leave everybody with how I see the game playing out. I believe that this game with be very defensive very early, probably close at half. But it will be 91 degrees and sunny, and Auburns offense is better that their offense. So while both defenses are elite, I think LSU’s will be out their way more so I Auburn running away with it halfway through 3rd. Give me Auburn 27 LSU 13. WAR EAGLE!