Auburn vs Arkansas, an analysis from an Auburn stude

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Well let us start off with talking about last week a little. A game so hot and humid that there were people passing out left and right, an ambulance was called to check on people because of the heat. Worst of all we lose with a mixture of shooting ourselves in the foot and refs impacting the game crucially. While I am always one of the last people to jump on the train of we lost because of the ref, I can say that they did impact this game by being trigger happy. The last passing interference was indeed the right call but the one before was not. The refs particularly did not call a lot of holding against LSU and one passing interference that everybody knows. None the less the better team did not win that game and things are going to have to improve on Auburn’s side . Auburn will have to bounce back like last year but the road to victory is harder this year. Can Auburn do it?

I am going to mainly spend today’s little write up on Auburn and things that happened and things that have to change or improve. Let us go ahead and talk about Arkansas though, we will win this game easily and I feel confident it will not be close, Auburn will experiment a little because of this. Arkansas is severely outmatched and at this point I believe Troy would whoop Arkansas. Auburn wins 48- 10.

Okay let us talk about the biggest new of the week, the players leaving. Auburn has had 6 players leave since the beginning of August and 3 in the last 2 weeks. This is mostly due to the new redshirt rule implemented this season. It allows players to transfer at will while redshirting, so it turns into kind of a free agency. Nate Craig Myers is the player to me that I was sad to see go. I remember when he committed to Auburn on ESPN and I was so excited. At one point he was the number 1 player in the nation during a short period of his junior year. But he never busted out, he struggled to get open a lot, he dropped catches at time and this year basically got outperformed by a true freshman. This was probably the right choice though, he will play somewhere else and I wish the best to him.

Next, what will Auburn do with this offense, it is honestly puzzling at times. I really thought at halftime that Auburn was clicking and LSU had its fun but now Auburn will run them out of the stadium. Well, they didn’t, in fact they sputtered… again. Nick Brahms will get his chance against Arkansas and I sure do hope he is a pleasant surprise. My anger with this offensive line is weird because I think they can be good, maybe not great. But it is more that offensive lines is something Auburn is just known for. Auburn just does not usually have bad O lines. Braden Smith being gone is really showing in the run game also. Let us be patient though, the season is not over and maybe this LSU game will bring out a beast in this Auburn team because at this point it is almost a tradition of us getting better after losing to them. War Eagle!