Auburn Einstein SEC Game Picks

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I’ve decided to challenge @WarBlogle in a season long SEC game picks challenge. I’ll beat him because I’m an Einstein and he’s decent with puns. You can read his predictions here.

Let’s get into it.

Missouri – offense outscores mismatched Missouri state

NC State – I’m not Cole Cubelic, but I think NC State will be good this year

Michigan – Susspensions catch up with Florida in the biggest pissing match between 2 coaches.

Kentucky – will win the EAST. Not really, but they’ll win this one

Mississippi State – Nick Fitzgerald has a field day

App State – its the 10 year anniversary of the year they beat Michigan, its destiny

Ole Miss – one of the few wins of the season

Mid Tenn – Vandy hasn’t won a season opener against a FBS school since the second Bush administration

LSU – It’s a home game for LSU  are you kidding me

UCLA – Texas A&M has no QB

Georgia Tech – Tennessee won’t stop the triple option.

Alabama – something weird is going on at FSU this year. They’re also cheaters.

Auburn – Jarrett STUDham, amiright?

Arkansas already won, so I’m 1-0. Blogle can deal with that later.