Auburn Einstein SEC Game Picks – Week 4

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War Blogle and I both went 7-3 in Week 3 which changed our records to 28-8 for WB and 26-10 for Auburn Einstein. I would have cut his lead in half had it not been for a miracle in Gainsville. Such is life, let’s get to week 4 picks.

Both of these teams are fighting for the bottom of the SEC West. Ultimately they will both lose to Ole Miss, but both teams are giving their best effort. Arkansas and A&M have had some competitive games in the past. Arkansas hasn’t improved since last year, but they aren’t really worse. A&M is much worse than last year. I’ll take the Hogs in this one.

Arkansas 35 Texas A&M 13

Tennessee lost a heartbreaker but they get a winless UMass team this week to get over it.

Tennessee 42 UMass 14

I’m a Vandy believer. Not so much that I think they’re gonna beat Alabama, but I think they’ll be better than the normal Vandy. I think Vandy keeps it close and Bama pulls away in the second half. I wish I had as much faith as this guy though…

We learned a lot about South Carolina last week. They’re not good enough to win the east. Jake Bently is good and will win them games this year, but he’s not good enough to win the important games yet.

South Carolina 45 Louisiana Tech 17

I’m not sold on Mississippi State yet. I didn’t expect them to beat LSU like they did. I thought LSU would pull it out late, not get blown out. However, I don’t think they go to Georgia and win. I’ll believe in them if they can win this game.

Georgia 35 Mississippi State 28

How does LSU rebound from last weekend’s loss to Mississippi State? I think people are going to start seeing what few have been saying about LSU; they’re not as good as they’ve been hyped up to be.

LSU 45 Syracuse 21

Florida wins this game and here is why: their defense is elite. Kentucky surprised a lot of people by beating South Carolina last week, but they will be shut down by Florida’s dominant defense.

Florida 24 Kentucky 6

I wrote about this in the First Look at Missouri, and my opinion on this game hasn’t changed. Auburn pulls away like they did in Atlanta in 2013. The score is lower (35-14), but everyone will calm down about the team after this one.