Auburn Einstein SEC Game Picks – Week 3

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It’s Wednesday, so that means it is time for predictions. Before you read the predictions, take a look at the Week 2 SEC Rankings.

Blogle¬†increased his lead on me by going 10-2 (21-5 overall) while I went 9-3 (19-7 overall). However, I’m still feeling confident in this week’s slate of games.

Louisiana @ Texas A&M
I like Texas A&M in this one for the last time. I think this is a close one, but I think A&M pulls it out

Texas A&M 17 Louisiana 14

Tennessee @ Florida
If people think Auburn doesn’t have an offense, Florida has less of an offense. I think Tennessee wins this one because they will be able to score more than Florida, which is typically important in sports.

Tennessee 14 Florida 3

Purdue @ Missouri
Purdue almost beat Louisville. They have a very solid team. Missouri on the other hand….well, this, coupled with a very poor showing against South Carolina, should tell you what you need to know about the state of the Missouri team.

Purdue 35 Missouri 28

Colorado State @ Alabama
Nothing to see here. Bama wins big.

Alabama 42 Colorado State 7

LSU @ Mississippi State
This was a tough one for me to pick. I’m still not sold on LSU. I will staunchly hold to that viewpoint because I’m stubborn and it’s what I want to do. In the end, I think LSU pulls it out, but it’s close

LSU 24 Mississippi State 17

Samford @ Georgia
I think Georgia continues to play well and easily win this game.

Georgia 49 Samford 10

K-State @ Vanderbilt
This may be one of the underrated games of this weekend’s games. K-State, like every other Big 12 team, wants to prove their worth in the College Football World by beating a team in the all mighty SEC. Vandy’s defense is tough because Derek Mason is a good coach. I think Vandy pulls it out in the end.

Vanderbilt 27 K-state 21

Kentucky @ South Carolina
I think South Carolina continues on their good start and beat an over matched Kentucky squad.

South Carolina 35 Kentucky 14

Ole Miss @ California
This begins the downfall of Ole Miss. They will start losing games in droves after this one. California doesn’t have a defense, but I think they have enough to beat Ole Miss after a cross country trip.

California 21 Ole Miss 14

Mercer @ Auburn
I wrote about this in The First Look, and my opinion hasn’t changed.

Auburn 56 Mercer 0

Week 3 in the books. I’ll select all these games correctly and Blogle won’t. #facts