Auburn-centric Schedule on First 2 Weeks of SEC Network

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The SEC Network launches on August 14 at 6 pm ET. To ramp up for the upcoming football season they will be dedicating around a half day per team to showcase some of the bigger games in history. They will also feature the SEC’s BCS Championship wins and games featuring Heisman trophy winners.

Auburn’s day begins the night if August 21 and continues into the wee hours of August 22, so set your DVRs. There are a few other games with Auburn, but you may not want to watch those.

I’ve posted all of the games and shows including Auburn below. All times are ET.

Fri, Aug. 15
11 p.m. – BEST OF GEORGIA – 2007 Georgia vs. Auburn

Sat, Aug. 16
3 p.m. – SEC Football BCS Championships – 2011 BCS National Championship (Auburn vs. Oregon)

Sun, Aug. 17
3 a.m. – BEST OF VANDERBILT – 2008 Vanderbilt vs. Auburn
3 p.m. – SEC Heisman Football Games – 2010 Auburn vs. Alabama – Cam Newton

Mon, Aug. 18
Midnight – BEST OF OLE MISS – 2003 Ole Miss vs. Auburn

Thu, Aug. 21
8:30 p.m. – Auburn Football Preview
9 p.m. – SEC STORIED: Bo, Barkley, & The Big Hurt
– SEC Storied: Bo, Barkley and The Big Hurt
– 2013 Auburn vs. Georgia
– 2011 BCS Championship (vs. Oregon)
– SEC Storied: Bo, Barkley and The Big Hurt
– 2013 Auburn vs. Alabama (airing noon – 2 p.m.)

Sat, Aug. 23
Midnight – BEST OF LSU – 2007 LSU vs. Auburn