Auburn Basketball 2015-2016

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I haven’t seen much talk about the upcoming basketball season. I figured I would go ahead and get the conversation started.

After a much more entertaining Pearl Jam, I am really excited about basketball back on the Plains. As a failed junior high AND high school superstar, failing to make the team a record 6 times, its easy to say that basketball is my favorite sport. Intensity is key to basketball, and from what I’ve seen from Bruce Pearl, the coaching staff, and the players, it seems that we will be having a very focused, intense season of basketball. Having great leaders like Shamsid-Deen, Cinmeon Bowers, and Jordon Granger is really going to show. These guys have put it all on the line in every game for the past several years (well, Bowers put it on the line last year, since you know, JUCO and all) and I really think that strong leadership and the superb coaching staff we have will show up.

Everyone should come out to as many games as possible and show that Auburn can be relevant in basketball again. Not too many years ago, we were ranked preseason No. 1. Thats pretty damn good by most standards (Thanks Coach Ellis!). Let’s show this team the same passion we show the football team. They deserve it more than most other teams in the country.

War Eagle.