Assorted Thoughts on Auburn Basketball

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So, I think its fair to say this Auburn basketball team is really good. They are currently ranked number eight in the country with a 7-1 record, with that one loss being to #3 Duke. With all of this being said, I am going to go through a number of thoughts that run through my mind most times Auburn plays. How many thoughts will it be? Who knows. I do promise it will be less than fifty. (Also, there will be multiple thoughts I don’t include because there is a chance my mother reads this.)

#1: Win the tip, win the game. I say this every time Auburn win’s the tip. Unfortunately, it did not hold true in the Duke game, as Auburn won the tip, however, as you know, they did not win the game. I have no evidence to support this theory, but I genuinely feel like if you win the tip, you are more likely to win the game. Auburn wins many tips, ergo wins many games.

#2: Chuma Okeke is this team’s best player, and I don’t think its really close. Jared Harper is great, and is probably more important, but if anyone on this team is going to be an NBA star, it is Chuma. He is a great athlete, incredible shooter, and very good defender, as well as being the best rebounder on the team. He hasn’t had to yet, and he was in foul trouble against Duke so he couldn’t, but Chuma is the type of player that can single-handedly win you a game. And that is huge to have if Auburn’s guards have off nights.

#3: Jared Harper. My God, is Jared Harper fun to watch. He will pull from wherever he feels good. Now, that will sometimes lead to really bad shots, but then he’ll make up for it with a beautiful pass, or pretty floater, and the world is happy again.

#4: This Auburn team is really good defensively, and that is because of their aggressiveness, however sometimes that aggressiveness can get them in foul trouble. Particularly when the refs are calling a lot and/or are bad, which means they might have to take it down a notch on aggressiveness. SEC basketball refs are… really bad.

#5: I think Malik Dunbar is better than people realize. Good shooter, good defender, incredibly athletic. I think he would start at most other schools, which says a lot about what Bruce Pearl has done at Auburn.


#7: I miss Mustapha Heron.

#8: This team is one of the best in the country. Do you know how much fun that is to say about Auburn BASKETBALL??? Like I remember coming to games when the guy before Bruce (I know his name but I will NOT say it) was here and Auburn was terrible, I mean just horrendous. Now, we are top ten in the country and might be underrated. This is honestly incredible to watch. Auburn basketball games have become must see, and if you’re a student like I am then you have to go. We, the student section, look completely different than the student section go just a few years ago. Auburn Arena is as good an environment as Jordan-Hare Stadium, and that is all because of Bruce Pearl. He has radically changed the program, and made Auburn basketball relevant. This team is great, and I love them, but they are hungry, because they still have unfinished business.