All the Auburn highlights in the 2013 Inspiration video

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I’m trying to put together a list of the highlights from this year’s jumbotron video. It starts with the 1989 Pat Dye speech after beating Bama in the first ever JHS Iron Bowl. Then there’s some footage of a very early turn-of-the-century Auburn team? No idea who that running player is or which game that’s supposed to be (or its significance).

00:20 -2003 vs Bama. Cadillac Williams takes the first snap of the game for an 80 yard TD. Ends with 200+ yards and 2 TDs. AU wins 28-23
00:30 -1994 @ Florida. Auburn trailing 29-33 late in the 4th quarter, Patrick Nix throws a perfect pass to a leaping Frank Sanders. Tigers beat top-ranked UF.
00:38 -1972 vs Bama. “Punt Bama Punt.” Bill Newton blocks two 4th quarter punts to beat undefeated Bama 17-16
00:40 -1997 SECCG vs Tennessee. Tigers score 20 unanswered 1st half points, including this 51 yard TD pass, Dameyune Craig to Tyrone Goodson. Vols win 30-29
00:51 -1994 vs LSU. “The Interception Game.” Leading 23-9 in the 4th, LSU’s Jamie Howard throws 5 interceptions in the 4th quarter, 3 returned for TDs. In the video, Fred Smith’s game-tying pick-6. Auburn wins 30-26

Then there’s what looks like a game-winning defensive stop against Tennessee?
Then a touchdown pass against Bama(?)

1:05 -1982 Iron Bowl. Bo Over the Top. AU wins 23-22, ends 9-game Iron Bowl losing streak. Bear Bryant’s last Iron Bowl.
1:12 -2004 vs LSU. Bret Eddins perfect sack against JaMarcus Russell, defending national champions LSU. Auburn wins 10-9, goes on to perfect season.
1:14 -2010 vs LSU. Cam Newton’s Heisman moment, 49 yard TD run. Auburn wins 24-17 en route to perfect season and national championship.
1:23 -2010 vs Oregon. Cam Newton’s 35 yeard TD pass to Kodi Burns in the 2nd quarter to take the lead. Auburn wins 22-19, national champions.

Great video. Some great highlights they chose. Anyone know anything about the clips I’m missing?