Adrian Hubbard on Lance Thompson

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Most of us saw Adrian Hubbard’s rant on Lance Thompson, and I’m sure most of us thought “How did this guy pass an English class?” If you didn’t see Adrian’s rant on twitter, check the link below. He claims that Lance had it out for him and ruined his career. I looked into this and found Adrian’s NFL grade (which Lance had nothing to do with) and it says

Lacks elite edge speed, burst and explosion. Does not make plays and too often disappears for stretches. Instincts are still developing — can be lured by play-action and misdirection. Average career sack production (10 sacks). Has a quirky personality, inflated opinion of his ability and carries a sense of entitlement that could be difficult to manage and require a patient positional coach.

So Adrian, before you go pointing fingers on why you’ve turned into nothing- make sure you’re clean.