A Second Look – Jarrett Stidham vs Georgia Southern

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Jarrett Stidham is who we thought he was. People will overlook his play and base his performance off of his stat line alone, but this doesn’t tell the whole story. The fact of the matter is that Jarrett Stidham’s day could have, and should have, been a whole lot better.

1. Stidham finds Cannella on the run

In Jarrett’s second pass, he is forced out of the pocket to keep the play alive. As Stidham rolls to the near sideline, he spots Sal Cannella cutting off his route in support, and delivers the ball on time. This shows Stidham’s awareness and ability to make plays.

If this were Nick Marshall, he would have tucked and ran the entire way. Georgia Southern’s LB would have either tackled Marshall for little to no gain, or slowed him down enough for support to arrive and force a third down.

On this play, Stidham trusted his ability and got the first down. Stidham does leave this pass a little behind Cannella, but again, it was his second pass of the season.

2. Darrius Slayton’s Drop on 3rd Down

At this point in the game, Stidham was 3-4 for 30 yards. Stidham finds Slayton with separation and delivers a catchable ball that is dropped. Had this one play changed and everything else stayed the same, Stidham’s final stat line would’ve been 15-25 for 221 yards with 3 touchdowns and 1 interception. NOT. SO. BAD. Also, Daniel Carlson would only have 1 missed field goal instead of 2.

I don’t expect every player to be perfect on every play, and I’m sure Darrius Slayton took this drop harder than anyone. The point I’m trying to make is that 1 play CAN change the perception of the overall performance. Rust like this will wear off. Auburn’s receivers will create space and Stidhim will be there to drop dimes.

3. Stidham’s INT/Sack Fumble

Obviously the two worst plays of the night. On the interception, Jarrett Stidham doesn’t lead Will Hastings enough. This is a mistake, and honestly wasn’t too surprising. A little extra time in the film room and a little extra chemistry with the receivers fixes this.

The fumble I don’t blame on Stidham or KJ for that matter. You can see the play action takes a little longer to develop, but credit to the well timed blitz from the linebacker. Sometimes the other team just makes a play, that’s what happened here.

4.  Sal Cannella’s Drop

This play isn’t the end of the world, and again, I don’t expect perfection from every player on every play, but this is a very catch-able ball and a very difficult throw to make. However, these in-completions in the stat line help paint a picture that wasn’t necessarily indicative of Jarrett’s night. He had some miss throws, he had some silly mistakes, but he also had some great passes.

5. Will Hasting’s TD Pass

Undoubtedly the best throw of the night. This is the pass that the NFL scouts will look at. I will take a QB that makes this throw in the 4th quarter of a “horrible performance”.

I don’t mean for this to be a “Shoulda, coulda, woulda” type post, I just think that Stidham’s season, and Auburn’s for that matter, can go either way, and this is evidence that it should go in a positive direction. Call me a homer, but the tape doesn’t lie.