A Reminder: Michael Dyer Was Not Down

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I can’t believe it’s been over 8 years since this game and people up in Portlandia still can’t see the obvious. The hipsters up there need to put the lenses back in their fake glasses, stop taking hits from their oversized bongs, and listen to how football is done in the real world. I know they don’t really do defense in the PAC 12 so they might not know how a tackle is actually done but still. It’s not rocket science.

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Now look closely. Actually not that closely. It’s not that hard to see. It’s almost as clear as Oregon’s trophy room. Michael Dyer’s knees, butt, or elbows are NOT down. It’s clear as day. I’ve seen people argue “well his ankle and wrist touched the ground so he must’ve been down.” Well, yeah. Those did touch the ground. But the rules clearly say the foot and hand don’t count. And last I checked, the ankle is a part of the foot and the wrist is a part of the hand. I know that’s hard to swallow, just like your IPAs, but it’s the truth.

Look at the bright side though! This should be a good year for you up in the PAC 12! You should be able to win the conference this year if all goes according to plan! You should be able to whip up on the likes of USC, Arizona, and Oregon State with no problem! Unlike Michael Dyer, they’re actually down!