30 Reasons I Hate Georgia

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1. November 24th, 1894 – Georgia beat Auburn 10-8 to get their first win in the series.
2. I normally like Bulldogs. Like actual bulldogs, but they ruin it.

Seriously, What is that?
3. They’ve won 11 of 17 of the last meetings
4. November 5th, 1922 through November 18th, 1932 are the most days between Auburn victories in the series.
5. Matt Stafford never lost to Auburn
6. They are obsessed their dog tried to bite an Auburn player. It’s not funny, get over it.

7. Herschel Walker is not better than Bo Jackson. Don’t let them tell you that he is. He’s not.
8. Georgia leads the series 57-55-8, but you’d think they lead 120-0.
9. People like this:

10. and this:

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11. and this:

12. One decent season leads to interviews like this.
13. They beat bad Auburn teams 45-7 (’11) and 38-0 (’12) and act like they haven’t lost 44-0 before (1900 – 44 points was unheard of before WW2).
14. Not winning the SEC championship since 2005 (2 since 1982) still gives them a superiority complex?
15. Haven’t been relevant for more than 2 years at a time since 1982,
16. David Pollack is a chump.
17. Their mascot looks like that douchebag at the gym that loads too much weight on the bench press then doesn’t take it all the way down to his chest then pops up and struts around the gym like he’s God’s gift to weightlifting.

18. What’s up with that lip, tho?
19. They insist on UGA instead of UG. It’s worse than Ohio State emphasizing THE Ohio State.
20. My Grandfather played under Bobby Dodd at Georgia Tech, so it’s a generational hate.
21. I liked Terrell Davis for a short period in the 90’s until I remembered he played for Georgia.
22. More fan pictures:

23. Champ Bailey was an overrated NFL corner
25. In 2005, Auburn beat Georgia 31-30 and I didn’t get to watch it.
26. What the heck is a Hobnail boot? Why do they celebrate this call to violence?

28.  They share the same logo as the Green Bay Packers. I don’t care who was first, it’s dumb.
29. Auburn should have won last year.
30. They made too big of a deal about their first ever blackout game against Auburn.

Still, through all the hate, this has been an amazing 120 game series that has had many great memories on both sides. None greater than this one though…