1 Reason Each Team (Seeds 1-8) Will Win the NCAA Tournament

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1. Villanova – Uses length and can make free throws. Villanova will impose their will like they did in last years run.
1. Kansas – Frank Mason and Davante Graham will deliver for KU and continue a stellar season.
1. Gonzaga – Gonzaga scores 84.6 PPG (Ranked 6th for all Tournament Teams) and only gives up 61.2 PPG (Ranked 6th for all Tournament Teams)
1. North Carolina – Strong inside game. North Carolina has the number 1 rebounding team in the field (43.5 RPG)

2. Duke – won 4 games in 4 days in the toughest conference in college basketball. Duke can ride this hot streak to another title for Coach K.
2. Louisville –¬†High efficiency on both ends, 8th best team in tournament in rebounding (39.7 RPG)
2. Arizona – Play solid defense in a relatively weak offensive bracket.
2. Kentucky – De’aaron Fox and Malik Monk will continue in an impressive line of freshman in the tournament for the wildcats.

3. Baylor – Offense gets on track and the defense continues to play well.
3. Oregon – Very efficient offensive team – Hit 3’s very well.
3. FSU – They wont win because it still hurts to think about the 2013 National Championship that Auburn had in the bag.
3.UCLA – Lonzo Ball proves why he should be the #1 pick in the NBA draft.

4. Florida – They’re not playing Vanderbilt (0-3 against the commodores)
4. Purdue – Highly efficient offense lead by Caleb Swanigan
4. West Virginia – Press Virginia
4. Butler – Great at creating turnovers (10.2 TPG)

5. Virginia – Best defense in the tournament (55.6 PPGA)
5. Iowa State – Strong on both ends (80.9 PPG, 10.2 Turnovers/game, 7.9 steals/game)
5. Notre Dame – Create turnovers and make Free throws (1st in both categories of Tournament teams)
5. Minnesota – Strong defense and great rebounding team.

6. SMU – The mustangs have an underrated defense allowing 59.9 ppg.
6. Creighton – Score 82.1 ppg and make over 50% of their shots
6. Maryland – Melo Trimble has to take over the tournament like Shabazz Napier and Kemba Walker did for UCONN
6. Cincinnati – Well coached team with 60.8 points per game allowed

7. South Carolina – Strong defense and great and creating turnovers
7. Michigan – This team is on a hot streak and Beline is a great Tournament coach
7. St. Mary’s – stout defense allowing 56.5 points per game
7. Dayton – starts a very veteran team – 4/5 starters are seniors

8. Wisconsin – returning basically the same team that made the sweet 16 last year.
8. Miami – Plays strong defense and slows pace on offense, limiting possessions for their opponents.
8. Northwestern – Team is riding emotions of first ever tournament appearance.
8. Arkansas – Dusty Hannahs can drain the 3.

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