1 Reason Each Team (Seeds 1-8) Will Not Win the NCAA Tournament

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1. Villanova – Tough road – Has potential to play 1st, 3rd, and 5th ranked scoring defenses of tournament teams
1. Kansas – Struggle in March – Bill Self has lost to Bucknell, Bradley, VCU, UNI and a 10th seeded Stanford team
1. Gonzaga – Inability to match up against the full court press of West Virginia
1. North Carolina – Lonzo Ball and UCLA can outmatch North Carolina

2. Duke – Can’t get their offense going against a tough defensive bracket
2. Louisville – Inability to score when it matters. Of tournament teams, UL is ranked 48th in FG% & 3PG and 55th in FT%
2. Arizona – This is a good pick for the Final 4, but can their offense keep up against a tough defense when it matters
2. Kentucky – The Wildcats allow 71.8 PPG, good for 52nd among tournament teams

3. Baylor – Cold streak continues – Baylor is 6-6 in their last 12 games
3. Oregon – Injury to Chris Boucher could be an issue. Boucher is the most talented big man Oregon has
3. FSU – Arizona’s offense is too much to the ultra deep bench at FSU
3. UCLA – Number 64 for points allowed of tournament teams. They can’t outscore everyone

4. Florida – The gators lack depth inside and could be beaten on the glass
4. Purdue – Outmatched against Kansas at the Sprint Center in KC – which is 1 hour away from Lawrence Kansas
4. West Virginia – Bob Huggins is forced to wear a suit instead of his stupid pull-over
4. Butler – Another team with a cold streak – 7-5 in last 12 games

5. Virginia – The defense is good, sure; but the lack of offense has largely left this team forgotten by many
5. Iowa State – Tend to be soft inside. Can be in trouble if they can’t establish a position in the post
5. Notre Dame – Bad against quality opponents. The Irish have gone 1-9 against teams in the tournament
5. Minnesota – Lack of offense. Ranked 55th in FG%, 39th in 3FG%, and 43rd in FT% among tournament teams

6. SMU – Live by the 3, die by the 3. Rank 6th (40.3%) on 3 pointers, but only average 74.6 PPG (Ranked 46th)
6. Creighton – Missing Maurice Watson, who made this team go from the PG position
6. Maryland – 6-6 in last 12 games.
6. Cincinnati – Not a stellar offense – ranked 45th on PPG among tournament teams

7. South Carolina – Not good on offense (72.1 PPG) – only saving grace on defense is that they are good at stealing the ball
7. Michigan – The magic runs out – this was a bubble team until the end of the season and conference tournament
7. St. Mary – Same as Cincinnati – ranked 58th on PPG among tournament teams
7. Dayton – Can’t make free throws (68.9 FT%)

8. Wisconsin – Lack of offensive ability (72.4 PPG). Ranked 55th of 68th for tournament teams
8. Miami – More of the same for teams ranked around here – Good defense, no offense
8. Northwestern – Lack of experience – 1st ever tournament appearance
8. Arkansas – Opposite of the rest of the 8 seeds – good on offense, bad on defense