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I was at home in Reno, NV nervously watching that 4th quarter.  I felt good the entire game up until when GA was making a comeback.  I was constantly reassuring myself by checking Facebook and seeing updates from people at the game to get an idea of the feeling inside the stadium.  It was eerily quiet in that 4th quarter at least it was on TV so it looked like things were starting to unravel a little bit.

I was still upset that the previous GA touchdown was ruled a touchdown because it didn’t look like there was enough evidence to overturn what ever call they made, even if he was ruled down they wouldn’t have turned it into a TD. I was not too confident when he threw that pass because I saw Sammie Coates open underneath which would have given us the 1st down and probably in field goal range if he got some yards after the catch.  My initial reaction was they were going to intercept/bat down the ball and I would have to hear the bragging from my brothers who are huge UGA fans.  I saw the tip and I saw Ricardo Louis try to bring it in and I was yelling “hold onto it hold onto it”.  The sound that came from the stadium was amplified on my surround sound and I was screaming and yelling so loud the dogs took off running to get away from me.  I ran around the house screaming, dancing, and just say I can not believe it!

I knew I had to gather myself because AU would need me to cheer the defense on to stop the Murray machine…it’s only weird if it doesn’t work, right?

Anyways, my little brother ranted on Facebook how UGA needs a new coach which he does after every loss, but my older brother was very honest about the game and outcome when I called him.