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[copying this from my comment on another Auburn blog] Section 13 (South endzone), row 42. Just like always

After the third down sack and the timeout, I turned around and pounded my fist on the bleacher 3 or 4 times. I couldn’t believe we were going to blow that lead. I’d already gotten a bad feeling about it when we couldn’t punch in the TD to make it 41-17 and really salt the game away. It just got worse and worse. I’d almost given up hope, but I knew we had one more shot.

When the ball was tipped, it was as if time slowed down. What happened in the next 5 seconds of real time felt like 2 minutes. When Louis bobbled the ball, I thought he was going to just miss it. It would all be a giant “what-if?”. Then he somehow hauled it in. I swear I stood there with my jaw dropped for what felt like minutes. I know it was only seconds. Because the play happened towards my right, I think I grabbed my dad first. Then I turned and kissed my wife. Then I hugged everyone else I could find. I forget how many high-fives, hugs, fist-bumps, etc I exchanged in those seconds after that play.

I expected Georgia to go back down and give it one more shot. Murray was too good, and I’ve been through this with Auburn WAY too much to do it any other way. When Murray’s pass fluttered to the turf, and when I was sure it wasn’t a fumble, the weight was lifted. I kissed my wife again. I looked at my parents and said “thank you” for the same reason I cursed them for 2012. They did this to me when I was 5 years old. There have been some bad moments and some tough times, but they’re all worth it for that play.