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When we watch games on TV, my boys usually end up going to outside to toss their football around until closer to the end of the game. I guess it’s hard for kids to sit through an entire 4+ hour game when they’re not there in person. They came back in just in time to see Georgia march down for the close-enough touchdown, and though I was distraught, they tried their best to cheer me up since they had no doubt that Auburn had enough time to get a field goal after all the video-game football they’re used to watching this year.
Once the 2nd down incomplete pass and the 3rd down sack happened, I saw some eyes start to get teary and then I’m cheering them up letting them know that a loss isn’t the end of the world and all that, but I almost can’t watch it myself. I go tend to the baby so I’m far enough from the TV that it won’t hurt as much, but I do turn around when I hear the play start. I’m waiting for another sack.. nope, he got the pass off, a little wobbly.. waiting for it to be overthrown… nope, it’s headed right for white jerseys… wait, it bounced off them.. wait.. it’s not bouncing on the ground.. wait.. camera is on a blue jersey heading into the end zone.. We all screamed for a split second and than paused to make sure it really happened and there were no flags and we watched the replays for the first of 500 times, and then it was pandemonium, everyone was running around jumping, the baby was squealing, the dogs were alarmed, my phone was blowing up. And of course Murray marches right back down during all of this and still makes it interesting, but it was just an amazing Auburn moment that’s hasn’t ended yet.