Reply To: Impressions so far

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1. Congrats on the forum. Happy to have a new place to talk w/ other AU fans, loving giving the clicks to one of the best AU guys out there.
2. Re: Marshall’s accuracy, any chance any of the bad misses were miscommunication with the receiver?
3. Like WestCoastWarEagle said, it’s a young team. Not worried about the penalties and such. Expected, correctable mistakes.
4. We might look back on this RB corps with a great deal of reverence somewhere down the road. Our top 2 RBs might not be > than UAT’s and/or UGA’s, but we might learn that our top 3 RBs are the best in the league.
5. SO HAPPY to see our WRs blocking again. Absolutely critical to any iteration of CGM’s offense, and the most criminally underrated/underappreciated aspect of the 2010 season.
6. We can haz tackles in the open field? Yes please.
7. Hard not to think ahead to the next couple of years. I mean… wow.
8. Speaking of the future, anybody else hoping Chip Kelly nosedives after week 1 and the NFL doesn’t go scouring the college ranks looking for another HUNH genius? (Particularly the guy who literally wrote the book on it)