Reply To: Favorite Auburn/MSU memory?

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My favorite memory was the recent 2011 game. The previous year my dad had some problems with his kidneys and was near being put on dialysis. He was able to recover and with a low potassium diet is doing well. I promised myself I would make sure I made special memories with my dad. As some background, my dad is a big Mississippi State fan. He played trombone in the state band in the mid sixties. The year state beat alabama and auburn in the same year, he was the guy that made a poster that proclaimed MS State the state champions of Alabama. Even though I had graduated from auburn in 2004 and had bought season tickets every year since, my dad had never been to an Auburn game. So I decided to take my dad to the Auburn v MS State game. I even splurged and bought a parking pass for the new parking deck so that we would not have to walk as far. When we arrived, I was so happy to see my dad excited. Every good play for state he gave me a sly smile and would say “watch out”. Of course, I would do the same to him when auburn made a play. Then came the final drive, our tickets were on the 35 on the Donahue st side of the stadium. So we had a great view of the final play. I couldn’t help but help be jump up and down like a crazy college kid when the official review was announced. My just smiled and said we will get them next year. I drove home to mobile after the game and my dad fell asleep. I couldn’t help but feel very happy on the drive home. I was not as happy about the victory as I was about the memory my dad and I had created.