Reply To: The Clock is Ticking

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I agree it comes down to wins and losses. So it’s a good thing that Gus is winning at a higher rate than Auburn has in their illustrious history. My favorite thing about your response is that you say “it honestly comes down to wins and losses” then you say that “the biggest thing that has lead me to form my opinion is the lack of player development” but hold on because “the lack of emotion the team plays with…speaks volumes about a Gus Malzahn lead team and it will ultimately lead to his firing.”

I’m confused as to which you think it actually is, so I’ll address all three.

1. Wins and Losses
As I pointed out in my previous post, Gus has a higher win percentage than Auburn. What gets you, and most of the fanbase, is losses to Georiga and Alabama. I agree I don’t like seeing Auburn lose to Alabama and Georgia 3 years in a row. To simply say “wins and losses” is incorrect and doesn’t tell the whole scope of your dismay.

2. Lack of Player Development
This argument folds on itself when you say that “Kevin Steele seems to be able to do this”. Kevin Steele was hired by Gus Malzahn, therefore any good that comes from Kevin Steele subsequently¬†comes back on Malzahn. Auburn just hired a new offensive coordinator and things are stellar through three games. However, you don’t seem to remember that the defense last year under Steele wasn’t great in his first 3 games. They gave up 755 passing yards (251.67/game) and 454 rushing yards (151.3/game) in the first 3 games last year and started 1-2. Time will tell if Chip Lindsey is the right hire, but he needs more than 3 games before that decision can be made.

3. Lack of Emotion
I can’t really speak to lack of emotion because I don’t fully understand the argument. If players are not excited to play, for what I feel is the greatest college football team in America, then they should be removed from the team. If players are not emotional against Alabama and Georgia (Auburn’s 2 biggest rivals) maybe football isn’t for them.