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You would like for Auburn to fire a coach that is outperforming what the school has historically produced?

Malzahn’s record is 36-19 at Auburn. That is a win percentage of 65.45%. Auburn University’s record is 742-422-47. That is a win percentage of 63.2%.¬†Also of note, 2 of the best offensive seasons in Auburn’s History have come under Gus Malzahn as head coach (2013, 7,042 total yards and 68 touchdowns; 2010, 7,004 total yards and 72 touchdowns; 2014, 6,312 total yards and 55 touchdowns).

In 2015, no one in the country expected Jeremy Johnson to fail, but he did and Malzahn had to adjust. Malzahn and a freshman QB managed to salvage the season and get 2 crucial wins ON THE ROAD in the SEC. Also, Auburn lost 4 of their 6 games by one possession in 2015. If Auburn was as “lucky” as they were in 2013 and had won all of those one possession games, Auburn would’ve finished 10-2. Even still, Auburn only had 4,890 yards in 2015. Context on the entire season is necessary.

Since 2000, Auburn has averaged 5,034.24 yards per season and 43.1 touchdowns per season. In 2016, Auburn had 5,700 yards (13.22% above Auburn average) and 45 touchdowns (4% above Auburn average). Gus Malzahn is producing a product that increases the status of Auburn football, statistically speaking. He has also produced some of the best defensive play at Auburn since 2006. Something that Gene Chizik, a well respected defensive mind, couldn’t do.