Reply To: Game You Are Most Worried About

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Aubie’s Brother here, everyone. Having spent my entire childhood watching Aubie become the incredible tiger that he is, I learned one important thing: The Auburn Tigers are awesome. So, here’s the deal. Auburn is going to win every game – and until one of these other teams proves me otherwise, I’m going to relentlessly hold onto this.

But to answer the question. I’m most worried about LSU. However, not for the reason you think. I’m worried about identity theft. Traveling to Baton Rouge makes it very easy for them to try to convince their fans that they are the most impressive tigers. They’ll say things like “Hey, we are the better tigers” or “Your tigers are terrible” but we will not allow that to be said. Remember boys, Auburn has the biggest, baddest, most awesome tigers in the south.

Last – Mizzou isn’t really considered here. I mean look at this guy:

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