Reply To: Should Auburn Have Kept White's Injury Secret?

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I thought it was a bit odd. My ultimate takeaway is that Sean White, even when injured, having 0 practice reps for a week, and only playing for 1/2 the game, is still good enough to beat Vandy.

Maybe you’re right in thinking that, but what if by the same logic, our coaches assumed that NOT announcing anything would mean Vandy prepped 100% for Sean White and 0% (maybe 5%) for John Franklin? So in the mind of our coaching staff we had a strong edge in the first half because Vandy had minimal preparation for JF3. Lucky for them he had the willies and performed significantly under what we know he is capable of. They adjusted at halftime for more JF3 and then they got Sean White. So I think we inadvertendly mind effed both them and ourselves a bit. It all worked out though, right?