Reply To: Does Malzahn's offense require a DT(Dual Threat) QB to be effective?

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Gus’ offense over the past few years has “seemed” largely based on a DT QB.. Now, yes a DT QB is great and has “seemed” to be the answer, but if you look at the stats of Nick Marshall, you’ll see that passing was much more prevalent. The read option was there, I understand the loss in speed from Nick to Sean, but that shouldn’t take away the read option.Even average speed guys, like Sean White, can get yardage running the ball on the read option, if they READ it. Gus’ offense this year has   lacked pass attempts and it is almost impossible for the run game to work without the read. In the first three games of the season, Jeremy had 72 pass attempts with 43 (60%)completions.. In the last four games, Sean White as only attempted 25 more passes for a total of 95 with 62 (64%) completions. In 2014, Marshall had 532 attempts with 320 (60%) completions through 13 games. Thats an average of 41 passing attempts a game.. This year Auburn is barely averaging 20 a game.Something many people, including myself, have noticed this year is how on run plays the Qb has wide open run lanes because of the lack of reads this year, defenses haven’t even worried about protecting from the Qb keep. So in my opinion, Auburn isn’t in dire need of a dual threat QB, but more in need of pass attempts and more reads on the read option to open up the run game.