Reply To: OFFICIAL: Auburn-Kansas State on Thursday Night

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Kansas State’s AD has issued this release that gives some insight as to why they chose to play Auburn on Thursday.

We are excited to host seven home games in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, four of which are against teams that were bowl eligible this past season. Highlighting the home schedule will be the long-anticipated matchup with 2013 BCS National Championship runner-up Auburn of the SEC on Thursday, September 18. Bill Snyder Family Stadium will be the focus of the college football world that evening, and the chance to host the reigning SEC Champion on ESPN’s Thursday night platform in what will be one of the best non-conference matchups in the country next season is a terrific and unique opportunity for K-State. An open date leading into the game, as well as the extra two days of rest and preparation before our next home game the following week, provides the perfect opportunity to showcase Manhattan and K-State in one of ESPN’s most-watched television windows.

With season ticket holders in 46 states, we certainly understand that a Thursday night game creates some travel challenges. Here’s a little background on making a decision such as this – one that is not taken lightly.

First, playing on Thursday (occasionally) as one of only a couple of games nationally provides enormously more exposure for K-State and Manhattan in general rather than being one of several dozen games on Saturday. Schools very similar to K-State, like Virginia Tech and Clemson, have dramatically enhanced their programs’ (and school) national brand position over the last 20 years by playing Thursday night games at home almost every year. As we enter the College Football Playoff era strength of schedule will be more important than ever, while our returning stars like Tyler Lockett and Ryan Mueller will have a great chance to earn more national credibility on a wider stage.

So it’s Dabo’s fault. Read the full release here.