Top 10 WarBlogle.com Posts of 2014

You know I’m the least pessimistic person in the world, but honestly, 2014 was pretty meh. It started with a devastating loss, limped through Tony Barbee’s final basketball season, continued through Sunny Golloway’s rebuilding year in baseball, experienced… Read More


No Visible Football Uniform Tweaks in 2014

Yes, I’m writing a post about the fact that Auburn will wear the exact same uniforms as last year. It’s definitely news considering the small tweaks that have taken place the last few years, like the tapered pant… Read More

Two Real-Life Matte Auburn Helmets

Before you start, don’t. Auburn is not going to wear these (I think) anytime soon. I am not saying Auburn should wear these. I think they look cool. That’s all. Alright, now that I’ve handled the faux-traditionalists (what… Read More


Top 10 WarBlogle.com Posts of 2013

What a difference a year makes. In 2012, all things Auburn (including the Blogle) limped along just wondering when things would get better. Now we’re staring down another national championship and the Blogle is celebrating its biggest year… Read More


Highlights of Auburn’s 78-54 Win Over Jacksonville State

The Auburn men’s basketball team (2-1) beat the Jacksonville State Gamecocks (0-5) last night in front of a raucous crowd by the score of 78-54. It was my first game in attendance this season. Two things I noticed:… Read More

“Omaha” on Auburn Baseball Practice Jerseys

The back of Auburn’s practice baseball jerseys/undershirts this year will display the ultimate destination for college baseball teams: OMAHA. Well, that, or we just have a dude with the last name Omaha on the squad this year. No,… Read More


100 Years Later, Auburn Should Honor the 1913 Team

At the end of July, Auburn announced that they would be honoring four anniversary teams during the 2013 football season: 1963 (50 years), 1983 (30 years), 1988 (25 years), and 1993 (20 years). Although I did have to… Read More


2013 Team Picture Day Shows Minor Uniform Change

Remember the other day when I said that seeing the finalized Fall roster was like Christmas? I was wrong. Today is like Christmas. It’s team picture day, also known as “Blogle scours players’ Twitter accounts for pictures of… Read More

New Numbers for New & Old Tigers in 2013

It’s just like Christmas anytime the official football roster comes out, isn’t it? No? Just me? Well anyway, it was officially finalized today. Not like you care or anything. There are quite a few notable (scholarship) additions to… Read More

Bo Jackson Taking His Talents to NCAA Football 14

Thanks to a report from Kotaku, we now know the news that gamers (and Auburn fans) have wanted to hear for years. Bo Jackson, the greatest athlete of all time is returning to the cyber realm. Known for… Read More


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