Top 10 WarBlogle.com Posts of 2014

You know I’m the least pessimistic person in the world, but honestly, 2014 was pretty meh. It started with a devastating loss, limped through Tony Barbee’s final basketball season, continued through Sunny Golloway’s rebuilding year in baseball, experienced… Read More


The Iron Bowl According to YouTube (Updated)

This was originally posted prior to the 2010 Iron Bowl. It worked. Then I updated it in 2011 with the 2010 highlights, and it did not work. Now I’ve updated it again since there is something to update… Read More


The Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry According to YouTube (Updated)

This was originally posted in 2011, but has been updated with a recent game that deserves a spot. The Auburn-Georgia game, the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry, has had plenty of moments that make it one of the more… Read More


Tommy Tuberville Trolls Alabama Holding Up Six Fingers at 2004 Auburn Reunion

Prior to last week’s San Jose State game, the 2004 undefeated Auburn Tigers were honored on the field with the name of each player in attendance being called out by stadium announcer Ric Smith. As the final player… Read More


The Video Honoring the 2004 Undefeated Team Played at the San Jose State Game

Auburn’s 2004 undefeated, SEC Champion, and rightful National Champion team was honored before the San Jose State game yesterday. This is the video that was played prior to player introductions. I extended my college career one extra semester… Read More


35 of Rod Bramblett’s Best Football Calls

A little over a year ago, YouTube user rscotta831 gave us his top 25 radio calls from the late Jim Fyffe. It was glorious. Now, in just over 40 minutes, he has given us the 35 of the… Read More


Phil Neel’s Aubie Was Mean to Florida State

The late Phil Steele’s great works of art have been well chronicled on this Blogle, but some of his best came on the covers of past Auburn-Florida State game programs. It’s like he really hated the Seminoles or… Read More


Top 10 WarBlogle.com Posts of 2013

What a difference a year makes. In 2012, all things Auburn (including the Blogle) limped along just wondering when things would get better. Now we’re staring down another national championship and the Blogle is celebrating its biggest year… Read More

Liberty Bowl Tickets Feature Bo Jackson

Mississippi State will eat play Rice in the 55th Autozone Liberty Bowl on New Year’s Eve 2013. Those Bulldog fans that were lucky enough to snag tickets off the secondary market (because I’m sure it was a sellout)… Read More

Tre Mason and Auburn’s Heisman Paintings

We now know that Tre Mason finished 6th in the 2013 Heisman Trophy voting. That’s ridiculous, but he did get this pretty awesome picture with the three Auburn Heisman Trophy winners. Well, with their paintings. And why are… Read More


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