‘21 NBA Gossips: Revealing Westbrook’s Blockbuster Trade To Wizards

One of the most intriguing and controversial trades that happened last November in the NBA Draft was when Russel Westbrook got traded by the Rockets to the Wizards in exchange for John Wall. Westbrook will be playing his third-year in his new team after the Wizard lost patience with John Wall because of an injury.

With this blockbuster trade, Westbrook will earn a salary cap with the Wizards of about $47 million starting this season until 2023. This point guard had accomplished 7.0 assists, 7.9 rebounds, and 27.2 points per game. Looking into this kind of scoring statistics, it seems that Westbrook is looking good with the Rockets.

But why did Houston have to let go of their star player and trade for someone who missed the last season due to an injury? Are the stakes high for Westbrook for the Wizard to earn a seat in the postseason? Here are some reasons why the Rockets had to give up Westbrook in today’s NBA Tournament.

Russell Westbrook Can’t Work With D’Antoni’s System

D’Antoni’s 2019-20 NBA season with the Houston Rockets was not that significant for Russell Westbrook. As the Rockets’ starting Point Guard last season,  Westbrook had a hard time adjusting to D’Antoni’s game plans. Although he was already good at scoring, he could have done better if he plays in the right system.

This year, D’Antoni leaves the Rockets to become the assistant coach of the Brooklyn Nets. While Westbrook is getting big shoes to fill in the Wizards. At this moment, both talents can skip working together. Can Russell deliver the Wizards’ expectations in today’s NBA league, or will he mark the same story?

Harden And Westbrook Are Dominant Players

James Harden and Russell Westbrook worked hand in hand for the Rockets to enter the postseason. Fortunately, they could bring the team to the Conference Semifinals, but the Lakers had stopped their bleeding, which ended their slate. These players are both dominant once inside the courts, and it’s hard for them to recognize who’s the best.

Although Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, these two players got a fair share of ball-handling while in the Rockets. Westbrook averages 22.5 shots per game while Harden is at 22.3 free throw attempts per game. While there is no problem seeing these two high-scoring players on one team, Westbrook has to find unmatched statistics with other teams.

Westbrook Should Lead The Team

Russell Westbrook had shown competitiveness, energy, and talents in each NBA season. That said, he should have a team that he can lead and share his talents with. Looking into his recognitions being one of the best NBA players, Westbrook won the 2017 NBA MVP Of The Year and a nine-time NBA All-Star.

Because of his leadership skills and impressive scorecard, he had to leave the Rockets and fulfill his dreams with the Wizards. Besides, Westbrook ranked second throughout the NBA history when it comes to usage percentage.  Not only that, he produces high score volume in the current league along with Harden and Durant.

A Score-First Mentality

As James Harden and Russell Westbrook stayed in one team with the Rockets, both of them have a score-first mentality. Both of them finished in the Top 8 best players in NBA history talking about utilization. Hence, it is harder for other players to hustle and earn a score as these two players will compete.

When two score-first players stay in one team, it provides certainty to the opposing team’s defensive side. That means if their rivals can match and stop these players, then defeat is underway. Surely, a team doesn’t need to go this way at all.

Lack Of NBA Championship Title

When Dwayne Wade paired with LeBron James, the Miami Heat got their championship title, sending Wade as the Finals MVP. Not only that, when Stephen Curry was working with Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors were unstoppable, giving them a championship slate in 2017.

With James Harden teaming up with Russel Westbrook last year, the Houston Rockets still failed to check all the boxes required to earn the championship title. It is the main reason why these players have to part ways. Harden joined the Nets while Westbrook led the Wizards.


As you learned in the past, the NBA Draft is a critical process for every team. It is the venue where every group has to make roster adjustments by contracting and trading players. Apart from that, the coaches and the team’s staff have to be careful with their selections that will either make or break the team.

With Russell Westbrook’s big-time trade from the Houston Rockets to the Washington Wizards, will this be his year of redeeming the most coveted NBA championship title?