Mississippi State Review: Well, Auburn Won

The regular season is over. Things have happened, but this is a game review. Let’s review the game.

  • All of the things that plagued Auburn’s offense on the road this season were in full force for the first 2 or so quarters.
  • Bo was running for his life. Sometimes he needed to, sometimes he was because he needed to the previous 8 plays. It affected his passes.
  • The Mississippi State defense focused on getting to Bo, which caused tons of screens, which they eventually sniffed out as well.
  • Some of the receivers were frustrated, which is not good for the times that the struggling quarterback does do something good.
  • 3-2 was in play way longer into the game that I was comfortable with it being.
  • Anders Carlson has been very good this year. And I’m saying that with a missed XP on his resumé.
  • Tank still isn’t 100%. He’s as good as he’s been since he was hurt in the Tennessee game. But instead of breaking 100 tackles per run, he’s been down to around 60. That’s bad.
  • The defense played really well. They were playing Mississippi State, but the air raid can be weird to cover.
  • It’s amazing to me that a team that can’t throw the ball further than 5 yards throws the ball so much. It seemed like the Maroons would’ve had *some* success running the ball.
  • It’s hard to see Mississippi State, their level of play, their level of care, their level of anything, and think Mike Leach will work there. I guess it’ll just take a good quarterback, but we’ll see.
  • The game was very 2020. Nobody seemed to care. It was quiet. It was kinda dark in there. It just was. But the better team won.

The season is over. Auburn will get invited to a good bowl. Not sure if they’ll go. War Eagle.