From the Other Sideline – Mississippi State

Landon Young (@96ForeverYoung) is the managing editor for For Whom the Cowbell Tolls, and is a 2019 alum of the Mississippi State University College of Business. He loves college football more than any sport out there, is a Marvel movie lover, and an avid disc golf player. Landon is making his 3rd appearance on the ‘Blogle.

1. What is a Mississippi State fan’s current thoughts on Auburn football?

I would say that it leans towards believing Mississippi State can win. I don’t think fans think we’re going to win, but they definitely think there’s a chance.

2. What’s the vibe like in Starkville right now? What did you feel like after the LSU game?

The vibe in Starkville is we’re on the upswing. After the LSU game expectations were too high but rightfully so. Every college football fan in America was shocked at what Mike Leach’s offense did to DBU. The tables have obviously turned, and we found out that LSU just isn’t that great or even good.

3. Are you behind Mike Leach? Will he lead Mississippi State to or beyond where Dan Mullen had the program?

Personally, yes, I am behind Mike Leach. I’m not so sure anyone will take the program where Mullen took the program though. It’s hard to be #1. I do think Leach will take us to 8, 9, or maybe even 10 win seasons after a few years of coaching at Mississippi State.

4. Name two relatively unknown Bulldogs that Auburn fans should lookout for.

Jo’Quavious Marks, running back. The guy who replaced Kylin Hill, but he’s an animal on the short passing game.

Jaden Walley, wide receiver. You may already know his name from the insane catch he had in the Egg Bowl. True freshman. The kid has a lot of potential.

5. Name the two Auburn Tigers that worry you the most.

Bo Nix’s right leg.

Bo Nix’s left leg.

The Bulldogs haven’t been the best at guarding a scrambling QB that looks like he is going to pass.

6. Where do you see each team having an advantage over the other?

Auburn should have the advantage at QB. Nix is more experience and Will Rogers is just looking for more reps.

Mississippi State’s defense is solid. I mentioned that they’ve struggled in guarding a scrambling QB, but they’ve had more positives than negatives and that’s due to defensive coordinator, Zach Arnett.

7. Who are your two favorite Auburn Tigers of all time (any sport), and why?

Bo Jackson. Look at him go!

Nick Marshall. You guys loved him too, but Mississippi State fans especially love this guy because of the 2014 Auburn vs. Mississippi State game where Nick Marshall threw a pick to start the game, and the Bulldogs would eventually become #1 in the nation after that game.

8. What’s your analysis and score prediction for this game?

I’ll take the Dawgs because I’m biased. 31-21.

9. Where do you see Auburn and Mississippi State ending up this season?

Bowl game wise? Unless MSU handily beats Auburn and Missouri, there’s no hope. For Auburn, I’d say they’re headed somewhere decent to take on a decent Big Ten school.

10. Given COVID-19 and all that, does this year count? I’m fine if you say no.

Mississippi State fans are beginning to look at it as if this was a great exhibition year. Mississippi State is getting better every game, and I don’t think they’re ready for the season to end just for the sake of reps.