Football Stars set to Shine in 2021

After a year on hold, the 2021 football scene promises a plethora of world-class athletes on the show. Together with some of the most popular football players at the moment, we can also expect to see some brilliant emerging ones who are ready to leave their mark on the international stage. Whether you’re a sports betting enthusiast that loves to place a bet on predicting over 1.5 goals or a passionate football fanatic, here are the football stars set to shine in 2021.

  1. Marcus Rashford

With a promising career up to this point and after scoring ten times for England, Marcus Rashford is one of the brightest emerging football stars set to shine in 2021. Fully recovered after an injury that threatened to keep him away from the field, Rashford is expected to be at the peak of his power this summer. The United’s player will most likely impress football enthusiasts around the world with a statement tournament.

  1. Kai Havertz

With five goals in four appearances, Kai Havertz is the brightest emerging star in Germany. One of the youngest players, he has already drawn the attention of many Premier League clubs. His main goal is to enter into Germany’s national team setup, and many football specialists are confident that the attacking midfielder will become the future of German football. Although his career is still in the early days, some already consider him one of the most crucial players in Europe.

  1. Serge Gnarby

Former Arsenal player Serge Gnarby is another star set to shine bright on 2021’s football sky. He is now playing for Bayern Munich and has averaged 10.75 goals per season up until now. The winger has already established himself as a crucial offensive player for Germany. With the whole German nation looking forward to washing away their 2018 humiliation, all stage lights will focus on Serge Gnarby, who will be at the forefront of Germany’s game.

  1. Jadon Sancho

Second to none – if not for Lionel Messi – Jadon Sancho has provided more non-penalty goals than any other player throughout his career. Performing at a truly elite level, Sancho combines a complex offensive strategy with creativity and productivity. He will probably become Dortmund’s most valuable player this season, alongside other emerging football stars like Marco Reus and Julian Brandt. Sancho is not only one of the most brilliant football players of our times but is also one of the youngest. In his early twenties, he has plenty of time to grow and perfect his playing techniques and will likely become one of the most valuable players on the international stage.

  1. Timo Werner

He may not be English, but Timo Werner is Chelsea’s pride and joy in 2021. The young player began his senior club career in 2013 and has had prolific gameplay up until now. His game is expected to improve even more in 2021, with Frank Lampard seeing him as the perfect striker. Werner already boasts 25 Bundesliga goals plus 11 other goals on the international stage. Not only is he one of the most promising German football players, but Werner’s performance also enthuses sports bettors and football enthusiasts worldwide.