M8bet or Maxbet or Sbobet. Who is the best sportsbook in Asia?

Punters have ample choice of betting options in the 21st century. Before the advent of the internet, punters were limited to sportsbooks and bookies nearby. A punter didn’t have as many options for selecting the best odds across different sportsbooks either. Most punters picked a sportsbook walking distance from their homes, while others chose to conduct bets over the telephone. The internet changed traditional betting as we know it. As punters gained access to more options, bookies were forced to step up their game. Service providers drew punters to services providers with the best offerings, the best odds on offer, most games and sports coverage, the best user-interface, multiple payments and withdrawal options, access to multiple odds from different bookies, and more. Bettors and punters demanded better, and sportsbooks delivered. Overall, the betting industry is going in the right direction. Several top Asian sportsbooks have come up in the last two decades that have improved over time. Among them, M8Bet, Maxbet, and SBOBet are the three leading Asian sportsbooks. Who among them is the best sportsbook in Asia?

M8Bet Sportsbook

On M8Bet, punters gain access to live sporting events from across the globe every day. On average, a punter can expect 800 or more sporting events with multiple betting markets within each event to bet on. The M8Bet also provides online casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, etc., with live dealers and an opportunity to interact with other players. M8Bet sportsbook is known for its extensive options in sports betting markets. Punters have access to pre-game and in-game betting options such as 1×2, Asian handicap, parlay, double chance, first to score, both to score, and more. Punters can bet on football, basketball, tennis, hockey, and other sports across Asia and the globe. Bettors can also bet on college-level football, basketball, and soccer games in different countries. 

Maxbet Sportsbook

Formerly known as IBC Bet, Maxbet is one of Malaysia’s top sportsbooks. Punters have access to live casino games, online slot games, and other games apart from sports betting. Within sports betting, punters have ample choices such as betting on football, tennis matches, horse racing, Esports gaming, motorsports, hockey, and more. Maxbet also carries the crown of Malaysia’s most reliable and trustworthy online services. Maxbet has several betting options in terms of coverage as punters gain access to the English Premier League, Serie A, the Champions League, the Bundesliga, Serie B, and all the top footballing leagues. Punters also gain access to lesser-known leagues worldwide with more betting opportunities, such as betting in the Columbian League, the ISL, or the Malaysian Pro League. Then, punters also gain access to several betting markets within each game, opening up more than thousands of opportunities every week. Some of the key betting markets punters flock to on Maxbet include Asian handicap, points spreads, goals over or under markets, and more. 

SBOBet Sportsbook

In this list, SBOBet features the best user gaming experience on its platform. Punters also have access to betting options that fit seamlessly into every gamer’s overall experience. SBOBet incorporates the latest technology to stay up to date with bettor’s preferences. SBOBet has multiple offerings, with its key offerings directed to football betting fans. Football is not only the most popular sport in the world, but it’s also one of the most bet on sports. SBOBet members can bet on soccer matches in any country, league, or sporting competition. Punters can scope out opportunities in lesser-known markets, or punters can stick to markets they know and make a profit. For example, a punter in Malaysia is bound to have more knowledge of local leagues’ betting opportunities than certain sportsbooks themselves. SBOBet helps connect punters to the right betting markets they’re looking for. Moreover, SBOBet also gives members regular rewards, bonuses, cashback, rebates, and more. These features help a punter win more on each bet and are very popular with online bettors worldwide. 

Our Verdict

A punter can’t go wrong with choosing either SBOBet, M8Bet, or MaxBet sportsbook. All three sportsbooks have plenty to offer each punter, depending on a punter’s need and preference. A punter can sign up with each sportsbook to experience what the platform feels like firsthand. Punters also have the opportunity of choosing to wager on all three bookies using the Rescuebet platform and gain the advantage of seamless access across platforms and making bets across the chosen providers. Members get weekly losses rebates of up to 15%, sign-up bonuses of 100%, offers on casino betting, Esports betting, slot games, and more.