5 Elements That Make the Best Live Betting Experience

It’s widely known today that most online sportsbooks offer live betting. Sometimes called in-play betting or betting-in-running, it’s becoming more popular – perhaps even outstripping pregame betting in terms of volume of bets in some markets. It is, of course, simple to understand: You are watching Auburn Tigers football team, for example, and you place bets as the game unfolds. The idea is that you can react to shifts in momentum or tactical changes by coaches.

But it’s important to say that not all live betting platforms are created equal. As we shall set out below, it takes a lot of effort and resources to make it happen. That means financial investment in the betting platform, both in terms of setting it up and keeping it running smoothly.

As such, we will set out five areas that combine to make the best in-play betting experience. If you bet live on sports, consider how your sportsbook matches up to these five elements:


“Reliability” sounds like a throwaway term, as you will, of course, want your live betting partner to be reliable. But what we are talking about specifics here, and it comes back to that idea of the effort and resources put into the platform. Inferior live betting sites will often suspend the betting markets for long periods during the game. Why? Because they don’t have the resources, such as the state-of-the-art software, to keep up with the ebb and flow of the game. It means the betting will go “dark” for long periods. Worse still, there can be problems with accepting the bet confirmation. It’s 2021, so there should be no excuses for your live betting partner to do this.


As per the above, the software used needs to be able to update everything in real-time. A good example is the live betting console at 888sport. It has a function called “Instant Betting”, which allows bettors to place wagers on fast-paced events. For example, the winner of the next point in a tennis match. Consider how quickly a tennis player fires in a point with a 130mph serve, and you can appreciate how impressive that is.


Whether you play fantasy sports or are a sports punter, it’s starting to dawn on people that stats can matter more than gut-feeling. A top live betting platform should provide you with a wealth of data and useful statistics, which, like the betting odds, should be updated in real-time. At a glance, you should be able to see the game information, as well as accessing helpful auxiliary stats. Depending on the sport, these can be very useful in helping you decide your next in-play bet.


A betting page is basically comprised of lines of data. That goes for what you see on screen, as well as the lines of code that bring the website to life. However, how the sportsbook presents its live betting is important, and not just for superficial reasons of looking stylish. You want the layout to be clever and logical, allowing you to access what you want quickly and without fuss. The term “compartmentalization” sounds like one of those useless buzzwords that would play well in a Silicon Valley boardroom, but it’s important to organize properly. Consider that a game featuring your favorite Auburn sports team might have 200 live betting markets – fitting that on a betting app for a smartphone needs to be done logically.

Live Streaming

The likes of NFL and NBA are going to jealously guard the broadcasting rights to their games, but many sportsbooks will stream live sports events, including college sports. As you would be well aware, it’s easier to make decisions about an in-game bet when you are watching live, so it’s easier still when that is integrated onto the same platform. Sometimes the sportsbooks ask you to place a wager to access the content; other times, it’s completely free as long as you are logged in with an account. But a top live betting sportsbook will offer a good selection of sports to stream on the website or betting app.