Video Ribbon Boards Updated on Jordan-Hare Stadium’s Upper Decks

New 434-foot long video ribbon boards have been installed on both the East and West side upper decks just in time for the home opener against Jacksonville State.


From Auburn: The ribbon boards have been redesigned to provide more in-game data for the in-stadium viewing experience. On the far left side of the board, fans will see rotating coverage of out-of-town scores, Auburn messages and social media streams. In the middle, will be the game-in-progress information with score, down, distance and time. The far right of the board will keep running team and individual statistics for each team.

Personally, I don’t remember Nick Marshall having 888 passing yards against Alabama in 2013, but I don’t remember much from that night either. These are just one of many upgrades to the stadium that will make gameday in Auburn even better.