How Does Auburn’s Massive New Screen Compare to World Landmarks?

You know by now that Auburn’s proposal to build the most massive big screen this side of the Mississippi or any college stadium for that matter has been approved. You’ve seen the mockup below. The board will be 200 feet wide and 105 feet tall. The thing is going to block the sun for many East Alabama counties.


But I don’t think you realize just how big this thing actually is going to be. That’s why I teamed up with Kris at Break Orbit Studio, who had already done his version of a mockup with my request to add the old Tiger decibel meters, to line this thing up with national and world landmarks. It’s going to be big, people.

We start out at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Look at that tiny little house. A man and his whole family lives in there?


Now we head up north to visit Lady Liberty. She’s always been self conscious about her size, only wanting to date guys taller than her, etc. Now she’ll be forever indebted to Jay Jacobs because this screen (on its side) dwarfs our little patriotic vixen. If she’d just put her arm down every once in a while, the screen would be nearly twice as tall as her statuesque figure.


You may think that everything’s bigger in America. Well, even though we don’t like to admit it, other countries have big stuff as well. Take the Leaning Tower of Pisa over in the old country, Italia. I’ve always wondered how people were brave enough to go to the top of a tower that is obviously on its way down. The only way I’m doing it is if they hold it upright with the new screen once it’s retired. Because yeah, it’s taller than the whole tower.


And how about that Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France? Yeah, it’s all historical and stuff, but it looks like a good billboard stand to me. I bet some Lamar ads would look good on that thing.


OH NO! Where’s Mothra when you need him? Godzilla has returned after being killed off, like, 100 times! No worries, just stack this new screen on its end, put Cam Newton’s likeness on it, and send that lizard back to the watery abyss where he belongs. Oh, and Texas calls their tiny little screen the Godzillatron, so I guess Auburn’s is the Godzillatronplex.


Lastly, we return to the States, the State actually, to take a look at how Auburn’s shiny new screen will compare to Alabama’s four cute little screens they put inside their 100,000 seat stadium that has hardly ever reached capacity. Oh, let’s just go ahead and stack them up. Nope. not even close. Well, let’s just throw them on top of those chimes they love. NOPE. Sorry ’bout it.


So yeah, this thing is big. I’d be willing to bet you on that.

Do you want to see how this screen stacks up to other landmarks? Leave them in the comments and we’ll see what we can do.