Nosa Eguae’s Letter to the Auburn Family

nosaSenior defensive lineman Nosa Eguae (#94), who played his final game as an Auburn Tiger in the 34-31 BCS Championship loss to Florida State, has been one of the leaders of the Auburn football program since he won the 2010 BCS Championship as a freshman. Although he played his final game in an Auburn uniform on Monday night, he is forever part of the Auburn Family. Below is his message to the Auburn Family. This is Auburn.

Dear Auburn Family,

In August, I told myself that when this season and my time here at Auburn came to a close, I would write an open letter the Auburn Family to simply say “thank you!” After last night, I found myself having trouble putting into words the gratitude I was longing to convey. This University will forever have a place in my heart, and the city of Auburn will forever be a home to me.

In 2009, I came to college as a seventeen-year-old kid from Arlington, TX. Now, in 2014, I am leaving as a twenty-two-year-old Auburn man. I wish I could list every person that helped make this the most memorable time of my life; however, that list is far too long.

I would like to thank Jay Jacobs for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this family. Everyone in the support staff in the athletic complex from compliance, equipment, trainers and media relations, to the academic staff that never once let me lose sight of what was most important- leaving Auburn University with my degree in hand. Auburn FCA, who helped me grow spiritually and constantly pushed me towards Christ. Brother Chette, you will forever be a mentor for me. You played an instrumental role in the decision to rededicate my life to Christ and be baptized two years ago.

To all of my coaches throughout my time here, I thank you. My two strength coaches taught me the true meaning of work hard work, and that is something I will carry forever and no one will every be able to take it from me. Coach Gardner, you instilled in me accountability and consistency. I cannot thank you enough for bringing me so far in just a year’s time. Coach Malzhan, you gave my fellow seniors and me the opportunity to be leaders among men. I speak on behalf of all of my brothers that wore the AU helmet for the last time yesterday when I say “thank you.”

Soon enough, I will look back and reflect on our accomplishments, but today I am choosing to live in the moment. This is the last time my brothers and I will get to spend a day with each other for tomorrow we will go our separate ways and pass the torch to the next group of seniors that will lead and fight for the greater good of the family. From tragedy to triumph, I could not ask for a better group of men to ride off into the sunset with.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank every one of my teammates, past and present. Nothing will ever break the bond I have with every single one of my brothers I had the pleasure of going to war with.

And in closing, to the greatest fans in America, thank you and I appreciate you. Through the ups, downs, and times that seemed much like a roller coaster, you all stayed true. That is why Auburn is different. That is why we’re family! I cannot thank you enough for that.

War Eagle! God bless you all!
Nosa Eguae #94 c/o2013

“Why pride? When the only reason you have anything good is because the King humbled Himself and died for you.” –Louie Giglio

Thank you, Nosa. You are a true Auburn man. War Eagle.