On Bye Weeks, Gus Works While Other Coaches Watch TV

ESPN asked various coaches around the country how they spend their bye week Saturdays. Pretty much all schmoozed up to the Worldwide Leader in Sports and said they lay on the couch and watch Gameday and football games, or as Bret Bielema put it “lay on the couch and watch other people work.” Paul Johnson admits his team practices early Saturday morning, and Urban Meyer, the family man that he is, says he goes to watch his daughter play volleyball.

However, our man Gus, not really answering the question they asked, and really talking more about the entire week, probably because his brain was already thinking about the next question and wanted them to get it in faster, says he works and analyzes his team and finds ways to get better.


So while Les Miles is telling his wife to bring him another bowl of chips, Gus Malzahn is watching film and drawing plays on the living room wall. War Eagle, Gus.