Bo Jackson Talks Ultimate Team, Defends Auburn

Earlier this week, Bo Jackson invaded the campus of ESPN to discuss topics such as being awesome, being good at everything, and the Ultimate Team bracket that ESPN is currently running. You should already know that Auburn is up against USC in the first round. At this moment, Auburn has a 55% to 45% lead over the Trojans, but voting for the first round ends next Tuesday, so keep going.

During his trip to Bristol, Bo sat on set with everybody’s favorite Florida Gator-turned-bachelor, Jesse Palmer, to discuss the bracket and specifically Auburn’s roster.

The discussion then turned to #15 Auburn’s matchup with #2 USC where Jesse basically said that Auburn had no chance due to USC’s defense and Auburn’s lack of offensive lineman and wide receivers. I do agree that the lone wide receiver that ESPN put on the roster, Tyrone Goodson, was a fine player, but not near Auburn’s best.

Bo then gave one of the best lines I’ve ever heard in his defense of Auburn. “It’s hard to find a defense that can corral a bunch of thoroughbreds. Auburn’s a running team.” Boom.