Pregame Pep Talks by ‘Blogle (#StateHate Edition)

Well, last week’s pep talk didn’t exactly work, did it? If it doesn’t work this week, I’m dropping this whole thing, and I guess I’ll bring back the boring old previews. But let’s give this one more try. Besides, there is plenty get pumped about and plenty of pep talk material when it comes to the Maroons. If you missed it last week, instead of previews I am giving pep talks this season. They will consist of revenge-based tirades that coaches would never use, but is the type of stuff i would want to hear in a locker room. Men, you gave a lot last week, but this week I need you to give it all. These guys have had this game circled since last season, when we were very lucky to walk away with a win. Let’s leave no room for luck. Let’s put them away early, and leave no doubt. There should be no doubt. They are Mississippi State, but we are Auburn.

They fear you, as they should, but they feel like this is the year they can bring you down. Their coach has never beaten Auburn at any level of his career. He’s 0-5. Don’t be the team that gives him his first win against us.

Don’t give his tattling little wife anything to be happy about, either. She said Auburn is now up there with Ole Miss in terms of their rivalries. That should be a slap in the face on multiple levels. You want her comparing you to Ole Miss? You want her thinking this is a rivalry. They’ve won 25 games in over 80 tries. There is no rivalry. Don’t let them think there is or ever will be.

Making a coach’s wife mad isn’t why we play the game, but it’s a sign of what they think of our two programs right now and what they think they can do to you. Don’t give them the satisfaction of being right. Don’t let them think for one second that they are on our level.

Everybody has you at 0-2 after this week, and struggling to get six wins over the rest of the season. You guys that were around in 2010, remember what that was like? Remember how it felt to prove everyone wrong every single week? Remember how it felt to do the one thing that forced them to respect you?

Oh, they’ll find something to say to bring you down, because you aren’t supposed to win. We aren’t supposed to win. We’re supposed to be a flash in the pan. Remind them of what they are forgetting. Remind them that this is the same orange and blue of Bo Jackson, of Coach Dye, of Ronnie and Cadillac and Jason, of Tracy Rocker. This is a place of winning and tradition, and for whatever reason they’ve forgotten that.

Remind them.

Remind them what Auburn is and what has always been about. Whether it’s in how you play, how you finish, and how you treat the opponent and their fans, just remind them.

And one more thing… win. Just win, men.

Auburn 27, Mississippi State 17