That Starkville Coffeehouse is Making Bad Jokes Again

Back in 2010, Strange Brew Coffeehouse in Starkville, MS posted one of those very funny, and very original Cam Newton jokes on their marquee during the week of the Auburn game. I could have sworn that they put something up last year, but I can’t find it anywhere.

Either way, they are at it again. It appears, though, that without Cam they are struggling for material. It’s either that or a 1-11 record against Auburn in the last 12 years has their cockiness level found wanting. Still, though, it’s a shot fired, and it’s time to fire back. Come on, show your #StateHate.

Update: the other side of the sign gives a major compliment to all gingers of the world.

Pics thanks to friend of the Blogles, @sarahbeth425.