It’s #StateHate Week…

Oh boy, are there some good reasons for #StateHate. I mean there are about 180,000 just related to the Cam Newton saga. You know Mississippi State is the only team associated with any discussions of money, right?

Then there’s Dan Mullen, and well, him being Dan Mullen. There’s the fact that the Bulldogs asked for the game to be played at 11 am last year IN AUBURN to comply with their schedule. There’s also the idea that this is some sort of rivalry and how the Fightin’ Mullens think this is a huge game to both teams’ seasons. They’ve beaten Auburn once in the last 11 years and only 25 of all 88 meetings. Sure, the games have been hard fought over the last few years, but you’re about one step up from Ole Miss, you maroons.

In that case, instead of looking at something that will infuriate you to get you pumped for the game, let’s just laugh at the Bulldogs from STARKville. You’ve probably seen this picture of the hapless ‘Dogs and their entrance before last week’s game against the mammoth juggernaut Jackson State, but it’s always good for another laugh. Even in their shiny new uniforms, it appears smoke and mirrors is all you need to knock the Bulldogs out.Video has also surfaced, so now we can laugh even more.

How have you taken part in #StateHate today?