Motivational Speaker Uses Cam Newton Story

Last night, Auburn’s football team was spoken to by motivational speaker Eric Thomas. While doing a little research on Thomas (just because I’m like that), I found the video below where Thomas, a noted Michigan State fan, gives a lesson/sermon/speech called “The Key to Prosperity.”

The entire talk is built upon the way Cam Newton handled all of the mess in 2010 and fought through it during the Georgia and Alabama games. Thomas goes through the Iron Bowl specifically, splitting Cam’s actions up into three points. Basically, he says that Cam handled it perfectly.

That aside, the video is pretty motivational because it does a great job of making you feel like you’re doing it all wrong. That’s the point, right? Seriously, though… the guy’s a quote machine. He’s very good.

I also found this slightly related video, which contains more quotes from Thomas, music from Explosions in the Sky (the band that does all of the Friday Night Lights instrumental rock), and clips of the 2010 season. Watch it. It almost seems like a completely different season. There’s something about Friday Night Lights music that takes away all the noise.