Top 30 Auburn Moments of My 30 Years – No. 7 to 12

Four of the six entries in the 4th day of the countdown occurred in games against Florida. Growing up, they were always at the top, and always seemed unbeatable. However, Auburn always seemed to beat them. For some reason, the internet police hates Auburn/Florida football videos so the quality of a few of these is pretty bad. I’m working on getting the actual broadcast footage of a few.

Today is all football, but I promise some baseball and basketball tomorrow in the final day of the countdown (and my 30th birthday). If you missed them, go ahead and check out numbers 13-18, 19-24, and 25-30.

12. Go Crazy Cadillac – Alabama (2003, 21 years old)
On a national level, this game didn’t mean as much as normal Iron Bowls, but to Auburn fans who were wondering what was going to come out of Jetgate, this opening play of the game definitely helped calm their nerves. Ben Obomanu’s almost identical run after catch a little while later helped as well. I witnessed this play from the student section, and I fell down a few rows of bleachers due to my celebration.

11. Jason Campbell to Courtney Taylor against LSU (2004, 22 years old)
You could argue that the 4th down pass prior to this touchdown pass was the bigger play of the game, but we still needed to score to win. This win was just the beginning and showed everybody that Auburn was going to be for real that year.

I witnessed this play from the Auburn student section on the closest side to the 50-yard line. In fact, I was crammed up against the chain link fence that separates the students from the old people, which gave me a little extra leverage while jumping up and down. I remember being hoarse for a week after this one.

10. Tre Smith punt block recovery/flip/TD against Florida (2006, 24 years old)
I’ve said it many times: this was the loudest game that I have heard in Jordan-Hare, and this play was the loudest of the game. At halftime, Tuberville challenged the defense, and called them out. In the 2nd half, they turned it on and held Florida to no points the rest of the way. This play gave Auburn the lead, which they never gave up.

I witnessed this play from some awesome seats on the 50-yard line on the visitors’ side. In fact, I was sitting with one of the original founders of

9. Damon Duval’s game-winning 44-yd field goal against Florida (2001, 19 years old)
This game could be one of the best cases of an Auburn team overachieving when absolutely nobody gave them a chance. Florida was ranked #1 and double-digit favorites. The score was close, but Auburn dominated the game. Florida had a total of -36 rushing yards (yes, that’s negative) for the entire game. The domination was complete when Damon Duval kicked the ball at the perfect angle to catch the wind and go straight through the middle of the uprights.

Following the game, the students rushed the field (the only time I remember that happening in my lifetime). The hedges that outline the field were completely gone in front of the student section, which is where I witnessed this play.

9. Wes Byrum beats Florida twice (2007, 25 years old)
Like 2001, Auburn was given absolutely no chance to beat Florida. None. But also like 2001, Auburn dominated the Gators for the most part, but still needed a last second field goal to get the win. This one is slightly above Duval’s kick because it was on the road, Byrum made the kick twice, and it involved beating Urban Meyer. I witnessed this play standing behind my recliner. When the kick went through, I ran down the hall, out the front door, and ran circles in my street’s cul-de-sac. I’m not kidding.

7. Nix to Sanders beats Florida (1994, 12 years old)
I was a little young during this play, but I do vividly remember it happening. In the early 1990’s, I pictured Florida as the kings of college football. They sorta were, but I thought that if Auburn beat them, then it was the greatest thing to ever happen. For the second year in a row, Auburn beat the Gators by 3, when they were picked to lose, and in this case they extended their two-year winning streak to 18 games.

I witnessed this play from my parent’s living room, and I remember hanging up the newspaper that showed Frank Sanders’s catch for many years after it happened.

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